Define your objectives.
Create your strategy.
Choose your tactics.

Whether you’re launching a new venture or you’ve been in your market for decades, your brand, your message, and your ongoing conversation with the marketplace needs a firm direction.  It needs to tell your story with conviction.

Without a strategy to win and retain customers, you have to fight for the sale every time, buying advertising tactics without focus.

Your brand should be reflected in everything you do, from your telephone greeting to your packaging and delivery. Every customer interaction must deliver with conviction on the the promises made by your brand.

Organizations can lose the narrative and stray from their brand. When they start running on autopilot, they repeat old tactics without measuring effectiveness.

Let Gordon Communications walk you through a review of your strategic objectives, revisit your strategy, and get you back on track with strong messaging and media and sales tactics to reach your target.


Messaging & Strategy

Is your offering in the market honed sharp enough to fit on a bumper sticker? Is your “elevator pitch” current? Does everyone in your company know your mission. Can everyone deliver it uniformly, on demand?

The ability to tell your story to the right people with the right depth of detail is a keystone to your strategy. Once you know where your organization is, and where it’s going, you can deliver that story in a way that wins and retains customers.

Gordon Communications can help you define precisely both “where you are”, “where you’re going” and ways to effectively communicate your value proposition.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing hits the mark when you use it to “tell your story” in an engaging way and provide customers the ability to engage more deeply with your offering online. A well designed Customer Value Journey plan can deliver pre-qualified prospects to your door, whether that door is virtual or physical.

Ongoing digital marketing maintains relationships with your customers, giving them new ways of using your product or service, turning them into Raving Fans.

In a post-COVID world, getting your pre-sale and sales processes online allows you to withstand shutdowns. An efficient “low physical touch” service model will make customers feel valued and safe.


Traditional Marketing

Despite the buzz of digital marketing, there are still effective traditional marketing tactics that can reach other segments of the marketplace and reinforce your digital reach. Public display, broadcast, print, personalized direct mail outreach all have a place in certain strategies. They can be used to punch through the static is ways digital media can’t.

Gordon Communications can build and implement an intelligent blend of physical and traditional media tactics to round out your strategy.


Meet Brad Gordon

Brad Gordon is a cross platform communications and marketing practitioner, with a proven track record of creative problem solving, message formulation, strategy building and implementation, both in branding and in marketing project management. His expertise in each of these have been demonstrated across multiple platforms

Brad has strong experience in product development, print and online design, direct mail, audio production, and writing, including copy writing and journalism.

Brad’s career includes more than two decades in broadcast media and marketing throughout Manitoba, including Winnipeg, Selkirk, Portage la Prairie and Brandon.

He has also provided sales and support in the advertising, publishing, print and direct mail industries, for clients ranging from small businesses to large enterprise organizations. He has developed media plans and performed market analyses in both the private and not-for-profit sectors.

Brad’s experience and skills are best applied one-on-one with decision makers to develop strategic communication plans, building specific tactics and metrics to support a coherent marketing plan.


“Timely Expertise”

Gordon Communications has provided quality and effective messaging campaigns for our provincial organization for over fifteen years. From the creation of succinct newsletters and bulletins, posters, promotional pieces to conceptualizing and implementing strong stakeholder outreach strategies.

Brad Gordon has provided effective options and timely expertise, delivering results at a highly competitive rate. I would recommend him for program conceptualization and project management, with all forms of deliverables.

Gordon Communications has also played an integral role in the implementation of our move towards digital service delivery. Brad’s expertise is broad, and he is reliable and effective.

Mark Miller, Executive Director,
Manitoba Ozone Protection
Industry Association

“Sage Advice”

Gordon Communications has been instrumental in creating an online presence that instantly contributed to the growth of my company.

Brad Gordon managed to get our website up and running quickly to coincide with the scheduled launch date of our online radio station –

We’ve now been working with Brad for six months. I can honestly say he is accessible, easy to work with, and takes a straightforward approach with his work. I can easily convey my vision to him and see it come to fruition on the website thanks to his diligent efforts.

He’s also offered up some sage advice along the way that has been put into action and resulted in success. I highly recommend Gordon Communications to help with any and all marketing aspects for your company.

Frank McGwire
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